​Finding the Soul of Wine

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 10th Jan 2019 has the motto, enshrined in our mission and passion; “FINDING THE SOUL OF WINE!” Lest you think this is a piece of kitsch snatched out of the air as a catchy marketing phrase, let me … read more

I feel sweetness in a dry wine. What’s going on?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 4th Jan 2019

Sometimes we ask for salespeople’s recommendations when we buy wine at a store. You may ask them to recommend a bottle of dry wine and open it at home only to find it’s not as quite dry as you expe … read more

​Creating a Modern Wine List

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 26th Dec 2018

Today, we are spoiled for wining and dining choices. There is still a place for expensive restaurants with intricate, usually French inspired menus, and the accompanying wine lists. You know those … read more

I want to discover the wines that I like

Posted by Jay Lee on 14th Dec 2018

.Want to taste a wine that many people easily like?Click on the bottle below.Selected by Peter Koff MW.Want to receive complimentary educational posts via email?Please subscribe below.Copyright © 20 … read more

Wine Labels – an indication of Terroir? #3

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 14th Dec 2018

We have talked about terroir in these pages previously. Briefly, we described terroir to be that “somewhereness” of wine, that specific piece of dirt, that imbues a wine with unique, special and sou … read more