Alcohol content in wine; is it important?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 21st Jun 2019

Some people are quite sensitive to alcohol levels. It is difficult to assess alcohol content by tasting or smelling. The perception of alcohol is often more about style and balance than absolute al … read more

​Viticultural Regulation – More Harm than Good?

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 18th Jun 2019

As you know from previous posts, I am very interested in terroir and man’s attempt to define and regulate it. I have said that a truly pure belief in terroir would mean absolute trust and a complete … read more

Can I tell a wine’s level of sweetness from the label and bottle?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 7th Jun 2019

Most wines in your local liquor store are dry. But not all. In many cases, the label tells you if the wine is sweet. If wine label says it’s sweet, dolce or dulce, it’s sweet. If you find the Germa … read more

​Blending. Art, Science or Artifice?

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 24th May 2019

In our quest to understand wine, particularly in the new world, we are very focused on grape varieties. You walk into a wine bar and order a glass of Chardonnay or a glass of Cabernet. Not only ble … read more

How long should I age a bottle of wine?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 1st May 2019

People often ask “When is the optimum time to open this bottle?”Then, I answer, “As soon as possible!”Certainly some wines taste better when they’ve been laid down for years or even decades. And it’ … read more