When harvesting wine grapes, speed matters.

Posted by Jay Lee and edited by Peter Koff MW on 8th Oct 2018

Wine is a product of patience.

You have to wait for years until grape vines achieve the maturity to make good wine. Wine generally requires further aging in tank, barrel and bottle, for months and sometimes years. Champagne for example is often aged for many years.

However, at harvest time speed matters. In the fall, when the grapes are ripe, harvest begins. Once the grapes are picked, they should be transported and treated as fast as possible until they go into a fermentation tank. Before the grapes reach the winery, care must be taken to prevent the spontaneous onset of fermentation, particularly under hot conditions. This is highly undesirable as it is difficult to control, with a host of potential problems such as the development of high levels of volatile acidity (VA), the precursor of vinegar!

Many wineries have their vineyards miles or tens or even hundreds of miles away from the wine making facility. Safely transporting the grapes to the controlled environment and temperatures of the winery, is extremely important.

The wine that you are drinking now is a result of patience, but also of speed.

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