Does wine dry out?

Posted by Jay Lee and edited by Peter Koff MW on 23rd Oct 2018

When salespeople at a wine shop recommend a bottle of wine, they always say; ‘This wine is fruity.’ So, you may already be immune to hearing about a wine’s fruitiness. However, sometimes they recomm … read more

Lambrusco; legit wine or bottom shelf plonk?

Posted by Peter Koff MW on 12th Sep 2018

Lambrusco is the name of a slew of grape varieties, grown in many places but most importantly in Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy. It is also the name of the wine made from the grape. Emilia is arg … read more

Can I trust online wine information?

Posted by Jay Lee on 7th Sep 2018

Want to taste a wine chosen by a recognized professional?Click on the bottle below.Selected by Peter Koff MW.Want to receive complimentary educational posts via email?Please subscribe below.Copyright … read more