Oxblood in your wine?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 9th Apr 2019

Wine is fined with oxblood or oxblood powder?

Not anymore.

Oxblood or oxblood powder, or some other types of protein were previously used to fine wine. Wine fining is done to remove particles such as anthocyanins that could affect stability and also lead to a wine developing sediments later in the bottle.

However, the use of oxblood has been banned in the US and the EU since 1997 in the wake of the mad cow disease scare.

This became an issue again when the American government was at political loggerheads with France over the invasion of Iraq and WMD’s in 2003. People said that French wine shouldn’t be consumed because it was made with oxblood. This was not true.

Many wines are still fined but there are numerous fining agents besides oxblood!


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