How long can I keep my open bottle of wine?

Posted by Jay Lee and edited by Peter Koff MW on 5th Nov 2018

When we open a bottle of wine, we begin to think about how much of it we will drink. You should finish the bottle, but if you don't, wine will be left in the bottle. Now you start to worry about how long the wine will keep.

Once you open a bottle of wine and you have some left in the bottle, you should keep it in a cool place. If it's hot put it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, you can just keep it in a cool place in the shade.

It may be kept for 1-3 days on average but the actual duration depends on a few factors; the quantity of wine left in the bottle and the age of the wine being two important considerations. For example, if you consumed a glass of wine from a young bottle, it may be kept for several days or even longer after being closed. It's because the bottle doesn't contain much oxygen in it and so, the wine left inside the bottle usually does not oxidize rapidly.

However, if you drank most of the wine, leaving only a small quantity, the wine oxidizes much more rapidly, irrespective of how well you sealed it and may not last even a full day.

Furthermore, an old bottle usually oxidizes even faster; a very old bottle may be oxidized in as little as 30 minutes.

If you wish to reseal a bottle, please keep in mind that the smaller the quantity the less time it will keep.


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