Can I know if a wine is cheap only by watching its bottle?

Posted by Jay Lee & Peter Koff MW on 2nd Apr 2019

Previously we could approximately know if the wine inside a bottle is expensive or not by checking its bottle out. If you checked its foil, cork and bottle, you could roughly guess if the wine inside was expensive wine or not. The value of wine is not absolutely proportionate to its price but to make better wine, it asks for more investment resulting to higher price. If the bottle is heavier, if cork is longer with less crack on it and if foil is heavier and smoother when you crumple it, the wine inside was more expensive.

This theory is not valid anymore. Marketers become much cleverer. They are taking advantage of these facts and are putting cheap wine in heavy, giant bottles. Cleverer marketers are closing the bottle with a long cork to make consumers think that the content inside is very expensive. So far there are not that many marketers using heavy, high quality tin foil to add perfect final touch to wine bottle but who knows? Recently many highly priced wines are closed even without any foil mainly to expose its high quality cork, which makes consumers more confused.

The era in which you could judge a wine’s quality by its package is completely over. To get to know the quality inside a bottle, you should learn about it by experience, by asking somebody or by searching the exact information on internet. Please keep in mind that you always need to check it the information on internet is false or not.