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About Us

About Us generally sources great wines directly from the producers and brings them directly to you, the consumer. We bring you wines unavailable in the USA, or if available, we bring them to you at the best prices.

It is our passion to seek out the world’s greatest wines – not just the great names, that’s easy. No, we look for the hidden gems, those wines that punch well above their weight, those wines that deliver similar experiences to the greats but at a fraction of the price! We match the organoleptic (wine taste characteristics) of the world’s great wines with lesser known wines of the region or even wines of a different region, that deliver a similar, but eminently affordable experience.

What gets us excited? Find an organic Muscadet, for example, that delivers the key experiences you will derive from fine Chablis. Does this mean we won’t offer, from time to time, great Chablis? Of course not. Our passion is education – preparing your palates so that when we do ask you to splurge on great Chablis, you have the knowledge and preparation to derive more from the experience! But, you say, we know these great wines, we don’t need education. Yes, but what about a similar experience at a fraction of the price, an experience affordable daily?

Who selects our wines? Peter Koff MW selects all of our wines. Peter has 30 years of passionate wine experience as US importer, wholesaler, buyer, consultant, international wine judge, educator, lecturer and bon vivant! He is one of only two individuals in the world to be both a Cape Wine Master (CWM) - the highest wine trade qualification in his country of birth, South Africa - and Master of Wine (MW).